Matt Beaudry's personal website


Beaudryland Synth

A web synthesizer i've been working on for fun, made with the javascript audio API.

Jam Space

A band file sharing site I created so some old bandmates and I could share comments on things we were working on.

Beaudryland Game

What started out as an afternoon game dev challenge, tuned into a project I continually work on for fun and to practice coding & design. It's still in the works but you can checkout progress at Beaudryland.

Beaudryland Pong

A simple pixelated pong game I built as a part of a bigger game I've been working on for fun.

Flickr Dots

I did a challenge as part of a job interview and the goal was to design and develop a mini photo gallery using the Flickr API.

Aski The Turtle

Children's Digital Audiobook

iOS/web app I developed while working at a creative agency for the Saskatchewan School Board. These interactive visual/audio books are available in English as well as 3 aboriginal languages (Mitchif, Cree & Dene).

Moths at Large

Interactive Art Exhibit

iOS/web app I developed during my time at a creative agency, for the Canadian Museum of Nature. This app features a series of interactive learning materials accompanied by 46 hi-res images of beautiful moths found in North America. This app was build to support a traveling art exhibit created by photographer Jim des Rivières and is available in the Apple App Store.

Fight Your Dad band website

An old band website featuring a plaid background and some robot illustrations I put together.